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CBD Daily

Soothing Serum

Get immediate intense soothing relief to joints, muscles, neck & more with this CBD serum that comes with 60mg natural hemp-derived ultra-concentrated CBD oil. Enriched by a unique blend of natural essential oils including peppermint oil, this CBD serum is ideal for unburdening troubled areas. The 0.67 oz impact bottle works as a fast-absorbing CBD oil that throws a serious punch to all your most annoying discomforts immediately. Rich, but non-greasy, consistency makes it perfect for layering with other CBD products.

We recommend using this CBD serum on areas that are harder to reach and need a lighter formula to easily rub in like shoulders, back, and knees. Just add a couple pumps directly onto the desired area and massage through. For those harder to reach areas, just add to your hands first, rub them together, and then work it into the places that need it most.

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